February 2016
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Here we are again!

2016.02.13., 22:30 - 03:00

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Sparty under the Night Sky

2016.02.20., 22:30 - 03:00

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The Most Unique Night Spot in Budapest

2016.02.27., 22:30 - 03:00

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Spring Season – The Natural Way

2016.03.05., 22:30 - 03:00

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Hot Based Dancefloor

2016.03.12., 22:30 - 03:00

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The Most Extravagant Party In Town

2016.03.19., 22:30 - 03:00

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Sparty For A Chilly Night

2016.03.26., 22:30 - 03:00

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Tom Select Gives You the Vibes

January 30, 2016

If we are to talk about our resident DJ, Tom Select, strangely enough, we are to start not with a track or mix, but in fact a book, or rather its title: Girls and Mathematics. Yes, indeed, Hungarian-rooted, one-time London and presently Berlin-resident Tom, along with his DJ partners Total Carlos and Benson Madamme snitched the name of their event series and DJ collective from the cover of a highly unknown book.

And turned it into a brand of their own, worn on T-Shirts and party memorabilia all over Budapest, and wherever their DJ trio happens to turn up since 2005. They play their distinctive electro-house sound - and invite performers of international fame - not only in night-clubs, but at random secret locations (for example, the Office, Cinema Bizarre, or the media arts experiment blended party series Hundred and 20 People).

Our regular DJ Tom does not only make people dance near natural water at Sparties: over the summer their trio has a unique, sought after annual Beach Club Beach party at a former communist goverment villa near Lake Balaton. Tom Select's music ranges from deep to tech house through disco and stripped down minimal sounds - always remembering to inject it with a liberal dose of soul! Check him out - with the One You Love on 13th February at our pre-Valentine Sparty in Lukács Bath.


Budapest is Always a Good Idea

January 19, 2016

This city is such a great place! But if you need an excuse for a visit, why don't you pick our season opening pre-Valentine's Day Sparty, and bring along your loved one, too? It does not matter if it's freezing, there are plenty of fun daytime activities, and in the evening you can dip in the hot hot pools of Széchenyi Bath to float and swing to the music. And right after midnight you can say the secret words in a uniquely romantic setting... So the evening is clear.

How about the daytime? If you are into outdoors fun, you can slide along Hero's Square at the frozen lake transformed ice rink. Or go for an excursion in the winter magic woods up Normafa, to have a marvellous view over the whole city. If you are more inclined for warm and cozy spaces, you may pop into works of Hungarian and international geniuses at museums on a wide spectrum from traditional to hyperreal. You may find a choice of fun things at this Buzzfeed link. Less than a month to go, so maybe you should check airline offers soon!

Check out great photos, videos and sound!




By entering the premises, you accept the code of conduct, that is:

You must be 18+ years old to attend our events.

  • You will wear swimsuit or beach clothes and slippers, and party in a decent manner
  • You will not bring in any food, drinks, glasses, sharp-edged blades, poking tools, drugs.
  • You will not take photos and videos, unless you have a special permit
  • You will not jump in the pool
  • There are photos and videos taken at the event, which may also feature you. By entering, you accepted that you may not claim any rights to these footages.
  • The organisers do not assume responsibility for lost items
  • The organisers preserve the right to change the programmes or the venue.
  • Please note that unused tickets are not refundable.(*)
  • Damaged tickets (missing any of the two sides, or torn) do not guarantee entrance.
  • The parties are held even if the weather is bad, except in extreme weather conditions.
  • Behave yourself, it is the most beautiful, oldest Turkish Bath (hammam) of the known universe, it is over 500 years old! Those breaking the code of conduct, behaving in a substandard or aggressive manner maybe removed by the organisers
Where can I keep my clothes and where can I change?

Depending on the size, arrival time and gender mix of your sparty-company, the usual daytime cubicles and male and female lockers of the baths are available during the events. Should you arrive late, it may happen that these generally used storage places are full, so you get a waterproof plastic bag along with your wristband on the door. With this bag you can change in the changing room of your gender (male of female lockers), and hand in the bagful of your belongings to a safe place next to the changing rooms .

Also see: Users’ Guide to Cabins / Users’ Guide to Lockers


Where can I keep my money, and how do I pay for drinks at the party?

– We introduced the so called the so called “Metapay” festival card, which is the only way to pay at the bars during the party. It is valid at every purchase point throughout Magic Bath, but the balance in NOT TRANSFERABLE from event to event.  The balance of the cards can be topped up at TOP UP POINTS, with the amount desired (at first a minimum of 6.000 HUF and a maximum of 240.000 HUF at one go). There is a deposit of 2.000 HUF for each card + string. After ordering, please, check the amount displayed on the screen of the card reader, and if correct, just tap your card (You even have the choice to give a tip with the card!). The remaining balance can be reimbursed in cash at top up points, any time during the party. NB: You can claim your money back at the closing of the party the latest.



Where can I buy tickets online?

At the site www.spartybooking.com

What do I need for purchasing online tickets?

 A bank account valid for Internet bank transfer

Printing capabilities (you have to bring the voucher in printed form)

Till when can I buy tickets online before a party?

 The online ticket sales system closes at 18 hour the day of the party

How much do online tickets cost?

It is the equivalent of the normal price ticket.

If you buy your ticket in advance, you’re sure to get in. With the start of the online ticket sales, most likely there will be even fewer tickets left on the spot.


If I bought several tickets online under my name, how can our group come in?

There are as many vouchers produced as tickets. So if you buy 10 tickets, you have to print 10 vouchers. Thus you can come separately as well. However, those of you who want to share cubicles need to come together! PLEASE BRING YOUR ID CARD WITH YOU for online tickets.

(*)What can I do, if I bought my ticket, but got ill, and cannot go to the party?

Write us an e-mail in any circumstances, and we discuss the possibilities.


If we are a group of over 10 people, can we get a discount?

Yes, we have the online bundle ticket option for you. If you choose this, for every 10 tickets you get the 11th for free. So if there is 28 of you coming, buy 2×10 tickets to get 22 and buy 6 more normal tickets.

I have a medical emergency, and do not have an insurance on my own. Can you help me?

Yes, indeed, should you need to see the doctor, slipped or have a minor injury, got your stuff stolen by any chance, do not worry, YOUR TICKET INCLUDES INSURANCE (below 2,2 ‰ blood alcohol level, which is quite a lot actually, so we do not encourage to reach it)